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Inspire Support: Spotlight One Person’s Success

In Good Ideas by lisavgray

When it comes to inspiring support, I learn so much from the nonprofit social-media communications I read and receive. One of the best is Care Ring, a Charlotte nonprofit that helps folks with limited resources establish and maintain good health. Check out this Care Ring tweet: So much smart stuff going on here – and all of it inspires support! …

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Find Your Social Media Audience

In Good Tools by lisavgray

Social media use in the U.S. is changing, according to Edison Research. In case you’re hoping the study shows you don’t have to worry about Social Media anymore, I’m sorry (not sorry). The study says in 2019, 79% of the U.S. population (223 million) is using Social Media. So Social Media should definitely still be in your organization’s media mix. And you can use this data to find your Social Media audience.

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Beware The Blanket Email Newsletter

In Digital Fundraising, Good Ideas, Listen Up by lisavgray

I get it. Heck, I’ve done it. Faithfully sent a carefully crafted email every month, full of the latest news, bargains, highlights, and upcoming events. And I sent this blanket email newsletter to everyone on my mailing list. The volunteer who works 2-hours every single Thursday? Yes, she got it. And the guy who just discovered the organization last week. …

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Improving Your Google Search Results

In Build Audience, Good Content, Good Ideas by lisavgray

Google rolled-out a new global algorithm Aug 1. Google’s algorithm is the secret formula by which the search engine decides which websites it will offer up to any query. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gurus look at lots of data in search of clues to “game” the algorithm: showing up at the top of the Search Results Page can, after all, …