Want Customers To Like You? Answer Their Questions!

In Build Support by lisavgray

Here’s the wrong question: How can we get people to share our posts on social media?

Here’s the right question: How can we provide useful content to our customers and prospects?

And here’s one right answer: Answer their questions.

OrthoCarolina is doing a fantastic job at being a valuable resource to its community. In partnership with Sportology, they are recording and posting videos in which their surgeons explain common and preventable muscle maladies. They call this “educational content” with titles like “6 Shoulder Injuries Explained;” “5 Exercises You May Be Doing Wrong;” and “Muscle Basics.”

Notice, the titles are not “We’re #1!” or “Call Now!” or “Buy-One-Get-One-Free!”

With its helpful library of information, OrthoCarolina is connecting with casual and serious athletes. They are giving away information that is useful, easy to understand, easy to act on, and easy to share with others. Building their credibility, and earning the viewer’s trust.

When those athletes need a good orthopedic surgeon (as they surely will someday), which name will they already know and trust?

Bonus Tip: There’s one thing you should do that OrthoCarolina is not doing (not yet, anyway): Post your valuable resources on your own real estate. When you produce videos, white papers, presentations, and other good stuff, post it on your website – where it can live forever and be available to your visitors forever.

Then use your various social media channels, your emails, your newsletters, your special events to promote this valuable information – over and over. Answer customer questions in a place where they can find the answers whenever they need them. Keep that place free and accessible. Earn their trust. Build life-long relationships.

Just start by answering their questions.