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Own Twitter Like Rodney Smith Jr.

In Fundraising, Inspire Hope, Social Media by lisavgray

I hope you are following the Twitter account of Rodney Smith, Jr., founder of  Raising Men  Lawn Care Service. RMLCS is a Huntsville, AL nonprofit that teaches values to young people by providing free lawn care for veterans, the elderly, the disabled, and single mothers. Smith launched his second “50 States/50 Lawns” Tour in May 2018, and he’s giving us a front-seat view of …

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Arby’s Social Media Win

In Listen Up by lisavgray

Kudos to Arby’s social media team for taking advantage of the Steve Spurrier retirement story that broke yesterday. With 4.4K retweets and 3.8K favorites (as of this moment, anyway), it’s clear the Arby’s Twitter Team was listening to its customers’ conversations yesterday. By hopping in with a brand-focused, news-cycle-savvy tweet, they’ve hit this wave at the right moment. Up to …

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Twitter Changes Its Timeline Feed

In Build Audience, Good Tools by lisavgray

When I hear “timeline,” I think immediately of Facebook, but it’s Twitter in the news recently, talking about “experimenting” with its feed. If you use Twitter’s mobile app (not the desktop), you may notice Twitter has begun offering tweets that have been favorited by someone you follow. AdAge reports that this particular experiment is focused at getting casual users to …