Inspire Hope

Sowing – and Selling – Hope

In Build Support by lisavgray

Sowing - and Selling - HopeNonprofits make the world a better place. Maybe your nonprofit addresses just one small chunk of what’s broken in the world, but hopefully you’re making progress at your chosen chunk.

How much of your marketing reflects your progress?  We support efforts that give us hope. The longer they inspire our hope, the longer we’re likely to support those efforts.

To inspire long-term support, talk less about what your organization needs and talk more about the world you aim to create. Show less about your worries; show more about your successes. Let us hear less about your problem, and let us hear more about your promise.

For an example of an organization that’s doing this right, check-out this video from Code for America. The organization’s blog offers an inspiring look at the hope and change their fellows are seeding in cities across America.