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Orange County Register Plays Ball!

In Fan-centric Marketing, Media by lisavgray

So did you see how the Orange County Register is covering baseball’s opening day today? They’re taking the flash mob concept to new heights and forming a News Mob – 100+ reporters to cover the Angels’ first game of the season. One Hundred. Plus. In an online article, OCR Angels’ Editor Keith Sharon rundowns some of the coverage: Photos from Opening …

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Happy Birthday, Oreo!

In Fan-centric Marketing, Social Media by lisavgray

On March 6, 1912, the oreo was born. And Nabisco indulged in some pretty wonderful social media recently to kick-off the 100th b-day celebrations. Oreo launched a lively game of #oreopinata on Twitter: every tweet using the #oreopinata hashtag constituted another thwack on the vitual papier maché. At seemingly random points in the day, the pinata burst open, sending a …