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In Case You Missed It

In Listen Up by lisavgray

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the week’s more interesting, thought-provoking, or most-discussed marketing news…just in case you missed them. Customer-Centric Product Development The New York Times reports that make-up companies are designing their products to look good in daylight selfies, to meet the demands of young buyers. “We’ve got one type of consumer who is constantly taking pictures, …

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Immersive Storytelling: Dive Deep

In Create Visual Content, Good Tools by lisavgray

“Immersion is not engagement. Engagement takes place when a story, or a marketing message, provokes some sort of action among the audience—a tweet, a post, a face-to-face conversation over the watercooler. Immersion takes place when the audience forgets that it’s an audience at all. Immersion blurs the lines—between story and marketing, storyteller and audience, illusion and reality. That gives it …

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Be a Useful Resource

In Good Ideas, Good Tools by lisavgray

The content on your website tells the world what you know, what you care about, how you work. Maybe your site’s saying “I know mostly about myself.” Some sites say “I haven’t learned anything new since 2004.” A lot of sites clearly say “Give us money now.” Not exactly the best beginnings to life-long customer relationships. But for those who …

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Making Great Nonprofit+Corporate Partnerships

In Good Tools, Listen Up by lisavgray

In the Nov 2014 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Shayna Samuels and Glenn Turner of Ripple Strategies summarize the steps to creating successful nonprofit+corporate alliances. “In these symbiotic, public-facing partnerships, the nonprofit and business essentially “hold hands”—they declare a shared mission and execute a marketing campaign around it. The end goal is increased awareness for both entities, along with increased …

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Customer Love at

In Good Tools, Inspire Hope by lisavgray

This deck on The Super Pickle Way, the customer service philosophy at, lays out a roadmap to lifelong customer relationships any organization can follow. 16 Customer Service Secrets We Learned at The Super Pickle Way from Headsets  

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On Being Relevant

In Inspire Hope, Listen Up by lisavgray

I had big fun last week attending the two-day Hopscotch Design Festival in Raleigh, NC. Hopscotch brought together visual communicators from lots of different backgrounds, representing every conceivable esthetic and showing off boatloads of smart, beautiful and downright nutty designs. The conference itself had no overt theme, but the sessions I attended featured information architects, software developers, architects, curators, graphic …

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Twitter Changes Its Timeline Feed

In Build Audience, Good Tools by lisavgray

When I hear “timeline,” I think immediately of Facebook, but it’s Twitter in the news recently, talking about “experimenting” with its feed. If you use Twitter’s mobile app (not the desktop), you may notice Twitter has begun offering tweets that have been favorited by someone you follow. AdAge reports that this particular experiment is focused at getting casual users to …

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Are Fewer Readers Seeing Your Facebook Posts This Week?

In Fan-centric Marketing, Media, Social Media by lisavgray

Last week, Facebook Product Manager Chris Turitzin announced that Facebook has tweaked its News Feed so that text-only posts from brand Pages will be seen by fewer viewers. The social media giant says we interact more when businesses post status updates that include images and links to “quality media.” So if you are an admin for your company’s Facebook page, …