Own Twitter like Rodney Smith Jr

Own Twitter Like Rodney Smith Jr.

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I hope you are following the Twitter account of Rodney Smith, Jr., founder of  Raising Men  Lawn Care Service. RMLCS is a Huntsville, AL nonprofit that teaches values to young people by providing free lawn care for veterans, the elderly, the disabled, and single mothers. Smith launched his second “50 States/50 Lawns” Tour in May 2018, and he’s giving us a front-seat view of his journey, thanks to frequent posts to Twitter. I wish I knew more about the nonprofit itself (Post those 990s, folks!), but I love his social-media style. Here are 4 quick social media tips you can adopt for your nonprofit to inspire more support for your cause.Own Twitter like Rodney Smith Jr

Show Your Impact

When Smith finishes a lawn, he typically posts before-and-after shots of the lawn in question. We see a mess; We see the fresh-cut grass; and he reminds us of his mantra every time: “Making a difference one lawn at a time.”

Own Twitter Like Rodney Smith Jr

Ask for action.

I love that Rodney teamed up with Joel in Montgomery to mow more lawns. Rodney could’ve asked us for money or sponsorship – and he doubtless will. But today, he got volunteer help and introduced us to another good soul.

Answer the question: Whose life is better today because of your work?

Typically Smith introduces us to his customer at each stop. Meet Ms. Connie in Charlotte with MS or Ms. Willadean in Montgomery. This is a real person whose life and lawn are better today thanks to Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

Be newsworthy.

Rodney Smith Jr. is mowing lawns and engaging young people and teaching lawn-mower safety and helping folks who can’t help themselves. And he’s also taken a few quick stories and built something newsworthy. As I write this on Jun 12, he’s got 7,394 Twitter followers off of 235 tweets. And each of the tweets posted above is liked by hundreds and, most important, SHARED by hundreds.

Rodney Smith Jr. reminds us how to make news while we’re making change. That’s a sure-fire way to build your audience. And to build support for your cause.