Go Angels!

Orange County Register Plays Ball!

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Angels Opening Day 2012

So did you see how the Orange County Register is covering baseball’s opening day today? They’re taking the flash mob concept to new heights and forming a News Mob – 100+ reporters to cover the Angels’ first game of the season.

One Hundred. Plus.

In an online article, OCR Angels’ Editor Keith Sharon rundowns some of the coverage:

  • Photos from Opening Days in Angels history
  • Photos and stories contributed by dozens of Angels fans (and some fans of rival teams)
  • A story about an Orange County man who will be proposing (SURPRISE!) to his girlfriend during the 7th inning stretch
  • Video of the grounds crew preparing the stadium
  • An analysis of the music played at the stadium during the games, including everyone’s favorite (or not) “Build Me Up Buttercup”
  • Reviews of the food and alcohol choices at the stadium
  • A story about the technology involved in putting on an Angels game
  • A story about the importance of the Angels in the Hispanic community
  • Photos from the best bars for watching an Angels game

So instead of the opening-day stories that have been filed for decades — how the Angels stack-up against the rest of the division; how the bullpen is so much stronger than last season; how The New Player (Albert Pujols this season) is going to change everything – instead of all that, the readers get a ton of baseball coverage from pros and devoted amateurs, boatloads of images of fans loving up on the Angels, a story from every conceivable angle of the ballpark.

And mind you – this isn’t the Angels Marketing Department directing this. The local news outlet is giving fans an excuse to explore just about every imaginable outlet of fandom. And putting everything out there where it’s public, it’s shareable, and we can all learn from it.

Can a radio station take this approach in its coverage of a regional music festival? Can a school take this route to commemorate the first day of school? Can a museum enlist its community to chronicle personal connections to an exhibit focus?

We can all do what the Orange County Register is doing: We can try it and see. Watch the fun on Twitter by following #ocrangels.