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“Never Mind the Homepage,” say Google + Facebook

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Did you see Robert Andrews’ article entitled “How tech giants want to re-invent journalism?” Andrews gives a brief summary of presentations by Google’s head of news products and Google+ programming Richard Gingras and Facebook’s journalism manager Vadim Lavrusik at the Paley Center’s International Council of Media Executives in Madrid on Thursday, April 26. The techies prefer to think of themselves as platforms, not media companies, and having stated thus much, go on to offer their suggestions for re-making news and news sites.

I don’t find much news in their suggestions for re-inventing journalism (at least as reported by Andrews), BUT I was intrigued by this nugget re: traffic on news websites:

Never Mind the Homepage


So how are your visitors finding your content? If a large percentage are coming in a door OTHER than the front, what can you do to improve their navigation and extend their attention deep within your site? A couple of suggestions.

  • Make your content easy to share from every page on your site.  (Question: On your site, do you go with The Bigs (Facebook + Twitter) or do you have success offering The Menu (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Digg…)?
  • Allow for easy discovery of related content on your site. Maybe that’s via tags or alternative menus or reader suggestions. Have you had success using other tactics?
  • Add a feed or newsletter subscription sign-up on every page of your site (that’s one I’ve got to do here!).

Think about the content you are most eager to put before every visitor. Then make sure it’s available from as many pages of your site as possible.