Nonprofit strategist Lisa V. Gray

I help nonprofits build support for real social change. Together we create a broadly shared understanding of the change we want to create; we craft communications that show we are making progress on our goals; and we ask for support – in all its many forms — and track what works so we can do more of it.

The resume version of my career involves 25+ years working in marketing, fundraising, and business development – mostly for non-profits and mostly in North Carolina.

The blog version of my career boils down to this: I believe in talking with your customers and donors – a lot. Your biggest fans are your best evangelists, and we should be working together to communicate a vision for shared priorities, organized action, and sustainable resources.

I hope the posts here are helpful to you and your organization. To get in touch, you can email me or find me on Twitter: @lisavgray. Thanks for visiting, and I hope to meet you soon.