Let Lisa Help!Connect with more people who believe in your nonprofit’s cause. You can become a superstar at listening to your community and building support. Let me coach you, your board, and your staff to make the most of your digital fundraising opportunities. We can work to the engagements described below – or we can design something that more exactly fits your needs. Let’s talk about how I can help!

Strategic and Project Planning

Planning is one of the most powerful and least utilized business tools. Invest the time and energy well, and your organization reaps the benefits in mission clarity, employee retention, financial stability, donor acquisition, program development, and much more. Whether you need a board retreat or a senior leadership coaching session, here are some of the ways we’ll work together to map your next chapter:

  • Identify broad planning goals, schedule, and deliverables.
  • Outline the planning questions to address, including mission/values alignment, structure, and sustainability.
  • Gather and analyze data needed in the planning process.
  • Frame the planning process and progress measures. Recruit the planning team.
  • Prepare and facilitate planning events.
  • Create a communications process that introduces the initial planning concepts internally and solicits feedback from stakeholders.
  • Finalize and implement the plan. Assure progress milestones are identified, and outline how the plan will be assessed and refined to meet changing circumstances.
Build Online Support With the Right Messages

You know your digital platforms should be helping you engage new donors and meet new volunteers. But do your digital platforms tell inspiring stories about how your organization’s work is changing lives? Do your website, email outreach, and social media messages connect meaningfully with your readers? Here are some of the ways we’ll work together to build more support for your work:

  • Assess where you are and what you’ve got (website analytics, email lists, social media platforms, data integration with donor database).
  • Create website content that shows the impact of your work, and broadcast that content through your emails, social media posts, and more. Ask readers to support your work and increase the impact of your work. Analyze the data to understand which content is inspiring support – and create more.
  • Understand the smaller groups among your supporters who share special interest in your cause, and create custom content for these groups.
  • Enlist your broad organization family as social-media amplifers of your messages.
  • Encourage two-way communication with your online supporters, and learn from these interactions. Publicly acknowledge the value of the feedback you receive from supporters, and ask for more.
Establish Yourself as a Community Leader

Your organization is poised to create real social change with your community, but too few people are aware of the challenges and opportunities ahead. Here are some of the ways we’ll work together to raise the organization’s profile as a community leader:

  • Assess where you are and what you’ve got.
  • Choose 2-3 messages for the focus of community outreach.
  • Identify audiences and develop presentations, videos, articles, and calls-to-action specific to each.
  • Measure new community engagement from each outreach event, and plan ongoing engagement activities.

If a fresh perspective could be useful to your planning and communications, let’s talk soon!