Inspire Support: Spotlight One Person’s Success

In Build Support by lisavgray

When it comes to inspiring support, I learn so much from the nonprofit social-media communications I read and receive. One of the best is Care Ring, a Charlotte nonprofit that helps folks with limited resources establish and maintain good health. Check out this Care Ring tweet:

Care Ring inspires support by reminding us how giving makes a difference in our community.

So much smart stuff going on here – and all of it inspires support!

Give a Shout-Out to Donors

This tweet starts out recognizing donors (always a good thing) for their participation in a fundraising luncheon. What image do you expect to see with a nonprofit social-media intro like that? A room full of empty round tables, ready for the party? A sea of tiny faces, all turned to an unrecognizable figure at a podium? Well, Care Ring offers a twist on our expectations.

Spotlight One Person’s Success

The copy pivots back to Care Ring’s mission and introduces us to one person who has benefited from that mission. Audrey’s image is below, along with the phrase “the life-saving care she’s received.”

Call the Reader to Action

And finally, Care Ring links to an emotional 2-minute video about Audrey and her Care Ring story. If I had one suggestion for strengthening this superstar tweet, it would be to offer a clear call-to-action like Help more people like Audrey. Give your gift now! (with a link to the #CRHope giving form on the website) or We couldn’t do it without volunteers! Learn how you can help the people in your neighborhood like Audrey. (with a link to a Volunteering Info and Sign-up page on the website).

The next blog post/social-media post/event invitation/board report you create, let it center on someone whose life is better because of your donors and the work all of you are doing together in the community. A story like that uplifts all your supporters. It reinforces all the reasons they got involved. And if you connect it to the right call-to-action, a story like that will spur more support.

Follow Care Ring and borrow steal more great ideas for shining a spotlight on one person whose life has been changed by your organization’s work. And if you need help finding your organization’s stories, read this, read this, or just email me and we can talk about it!