Help Your Fans Sing Your Praises

In Build Support by lisavgray

Your organization does great work, strengthening your community, helping those in need, bringing a little peace and beauty to our lives. And your organization is working overtime, telling the world about its impact. Could anything be better?

Actually, something COULD be better. Your fans could be singing your praises to the wider world. Need an example?

Attendee Accolades

The Teaching Fellows Institute at Charlotte honors the Charlotte area’s outstanding teachers and hopes to encourage teacher retention. This very enthusiastic tweet from an event attendee gets lots of things right:

A fan sings the praises of The Teaching Fellows Institute of Charlotte

    • It is posted from an individual’s Twitter account, which means all of Fan Kelsey’s followers see her high praise.
    • Kelsey tags the Teaching Fellows’ account, so all 233 of their followers see the praise.
    • Kelsey tags the presenter’s account as well – so that’s another 288 followers who are seeing the praise.
    • MOST IMPORTANT: Kelsey cites the focus of the event – so we all get a glimpse of @TeachingFellows’ mission and values.
Partner Praises

Here’s another example – from a partner. Bright Blessings mobilizes volunteers to bring joy, care, and hope to homeless and impoverished children. Care Ring empowers individuals with limited resources to establish and maintain good health. A Care Ring staff person (and Fan of Bright Blessings) posted this thank-you tweet:

Care Ring sings the praises of another nonprofit, Bright Blessings

    • Pictures are worth a lot more than 140 characters – especially on Twitter.
    • Bright Blessings is tagged (1,135 followers). Their followers can see their good work.
    • Care Ring retweeted, so their 1,280 followers can join in the thank-you AND be reminded of Care Ring’s good work, because
    • MOST IMPORTANT: the original tweeter included a reference to a program conducted by Care Ring and enriched today by Bright Blessings: home visits by nurse practitioners to children.

Give your staff, donors, volunteers, customers, partners, and fans what they need to sing your praises. Ask them to follow you on all your social platforms, and make sure your community impact is top-of-mind. Need help growing your fan base? Let me help!