Happy Birthday, Oreo!

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Happy Birthday, Oreo!

On March 6, 1912, the oreo was born. And Nabisco indulged in some pretty wonderful social media recently to kick-off the 100th b-day celebrations. Oreo launched a lively game of #oreopinata on Twitter: every tweet using the #oreopinata hashtag constituted another thwack on the vitual papier mach̩. At seemingly random points in the day, the pinata burst open, sending a torrent of virtual oreos (well, ok Рjust a single package) down on lucky thwackers. According to, Oreo gave away 30 packs of cookies per day for a week.

This contest really did its job of “celebrating the kid inside all of us.” Take a look at some sample tweets.

#oreopinata tweets

Folks really got into the swing of things with multiple swings at the pinata: they shared fond remembrances of childhood cookie crazes or dreamy rhapsodies on the double-stuf cream. Maybe FoO (Fans of Oreo) did it for the pack of cookies on-offer. And maybe they just did it out of lifelong cookie love.

What can you do to build this kind of public loving and longing for your product?