Danish chocolatier Anthon Berg - They've got the goods

Good Marketing & Good Deeds

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I’m just discovering the great work that Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded of Denmark has done for Danish chocolatier Anthon Berg. In February 2012, Anthon Berg created a pop-up “Generous Store.” Open for one day only, the store sold chocolate, but instead of cash, the currency of the day was the pledge of doing a good deed. Watch this terrific video for a quick overview:

Danish chocolatier Anthon Berg - They've got the goods

Danish chocolatier Anthon Berg – They’ve got the goods

Let’s discount for a moment my fondness for chocolate. Even without that, there’s lots to love about this 100%-discount promotion:

  • Anthon Berg’s brand tagline: You can never be too generous. That’s a brilliant message for a high-end chocolate-maker seeking to differentiate itself from “every day” chocolate. This is the chocolate good enough to gift.
  • It’s about that pink wrapper – akin to the powdery blue Tiffany’s box. (Cue the salivary glands.)
  • The pop-up Generous Store was a one-day event in February, the month of Valentinsdag. Everything I can find says the Danes celebrate V-day just like we Americans – on February 14. Anthon Berg’s pop-up Generous Store opened-and-closed its doors on February 25. As a cynic, I expect this has something to do with giveaway containment. And as an incurably romantic marketer, I hope it also has something to do with spurring genuinely generous behavior.
  • And speaking of romance – let’s look at those good deeds suggested as price tags in the Generous Store. Lots of nice things for girlfriends, wives and mothers. Perhaps there was a section full of nice deeds for boyfriends, husbands and fathers. But I bet there weren’t many acts of chocolatey-generosity slated for strangers. These are good deeds for loved ones – meant to create lots of joyous, memorable conversations that built lasting associations between loved ones, goodness and the Anthon Berg brand.
  • And speaking of conversations, the pledge of the good deed was not just made in the heart of the good-deed-doer — it was made on his Facebook page for all his friends to see (and share). Were all those men who paid cash for their Valentine’s gifts rewarded with derision by their mates?  “…but I wanted to be on the Anthon Berg Facebook timeline!”

This case-study video from RBLM offers some delicious metrics on the Generous Store promotion – and that was before they won a Bronze Lion for Viral Marketing at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a Danish Internet Award and a few other sure-to-make-it-go-viral industry accolades.

Can your organization do something selfless – all the while underscoring the benefits of your brand? Can you refine the promotion so that every element points back in some way to your product? And can you make the public good truly public by incorporating social media or some other highly consumable broadcast medium?   Call it the gift that keeps on giving.