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Cross-Promotion: Your Message on Their Show

In Build Support by lisavgray

You want to attract new people to your nonprofit’s mission. Maybe you should talk with your partners about using their platforms to broadcast your message. Cross-promotion. Like ABC did last night.

The ad team depicted on ABC's black-ish discuss The Talk.

On last night’s episode of black-ish, Dre Johnson (a dad and ad exec) is working with his team on a “My Black is Beautiful” ad for P&G. The ad focuses on “The Talk” – the conversation black parents have with their kids about staying safe in a white world. The ad in the fictional show is a real ad in the real world, and P&G worked closely with the black-ish creative team to craft the episode’s script. The first national ad to run after the show’s close was – you guessed it – the real-world P&G ad about The Talk. Read more about the unique collaboration on

So maybe your business can’t purchase content-time and ad-time from a show 4.6 million people watched this week. But do you have partners who care about your mission? Can you craft content – ads, articles, memes, videos – that intertwines your story and theirs? A story in the local news about how one of their employees volunteers at your food pantry? A video on their website about their employee’s daughter who is blooming, thanks to your dance instruction? An ad in their newsletter that encourages their congregants to take part in your social-justice conversation?

Cross-promotional partnership is a powerful way to bring your message to new audiences. And a powerful way for your partner to broadcast its support for your mission. Is it time to have This Talk with your partners?