Build Trust by Promoting an Expert

In Strategic Planning by lisavgray

Build trust in your organization by giving your fans something valuable, every time they visit you.Build trust in your organization by giving your fans something valuable, every time they visit you. Here’s a great example from, a website for graphic designers who are looking for just the right font. Linotype regularly puts font-families on sale for a limited time – creating some urgency behind the offer. But recently Linotype is giving it a fresh twist: On its website and in emails, Linotype is featuring a groovy designer and asking him to recommend his go-to fonts. This does a couple of smart things:

  • Connects Linotype fans with doers/thinkers in the field;
  • Introduces readers to fonts they may not yet know – or offers fresh perspective on old favorites;
  • Suggests Linotype is a trusted authority.
Try This At Home

You can apply this trust-building strategy to your web and email content. Connect with an expert or up-and-comer in your field. Ask her to offer recommendations on a podcast, a conference, a book, a recording, an artist, a national study she finds useful. Then ask her to explain the value she derives from it. Build a post on your website. Then send an email to your fanbase, encouraging your fans to visit your site and compare notes with the expert.

This isn’t about selling something you have. (Although if your expert’s recommendations offer a natural tie, make the offer!) At the heart of this content, your reader should find information he can use to work smarter, live better, help others. That’s content worth reading. Content worth sharing.

That’s content that builds trust in your organization as a resource.

UPDATED MARCH 2 2017: offers another “Favorite Fonts” feature, this time with designer Brigitte Schuster. I love learning about the history of each font selected! Check it out.