Does Your Donor Know You Know Her?

Beware The Blanket Email Newsletter

In Build Support by lisavgray

Does Your Donor Know You Know Her?I get it. Heck, I’ve done it. Faithfully sent a carefully crafted email every month, full of the latest news, bargains, highlights, and upcoming events. And I sent this blanket email newsletter to everyone on my mailing list. The volunteer who works 2-hours every single Thursday? Yes, she got it. And the guy who just discovered the organization last week. Yeah, he got it too. The couple who have given $10,000 a year for 10 years? Same newsletter. The family who just gave their first monthly gift? Of course!

Use Tech For Good – Not Evil

Your donor knows your nonprofit organization. Are you sending emails that show you know your donor?

Email platforms like Constant Contact now have beautifully sophisticated tools for managing your email lists. If 20 people just gave their first gift to your organization, you can write an email just for that group. Include the donor’s name, and recognize the recipient as a first-time donor – even/especially in the Subject Line. Tell the new donor what a great group she’s joined, and how she’s changing lives by committing resources to your organization.

If you have 40 people who have given every year for 10 years, please treat them differently than the 20 who just gave for the first time.

If you have 200 who have been on your list for 2 years and never opened an email, maybe it’s time to send an email asking each of them if you should continue sharing news from your organization?

Two-Way Communication

Email is a powerful two-way communication tool. Use it to continue conversations with donors and community members who are already investing in your nonprofit’s work. Use the reports built-in to your email platform and your donor database to generate highly refined lists. If your subject line and opening paragraph offer evidence that you know the recipient, doesn’t it stand to reason she will likely open – and respond? Maybe even with excitement?